It's TIME!  BBQ and smoker season is here and Ovoka is ready to make your skills shine!  The approximately 25# Ovoka Heritage F-1 Wagyu BBQ Sampler Box includes 9# of Ovoka's own 6oz. Burger Patties, a 10-13# Brisket, 2-3# Kebob meat, and 4-5# Short Ribs!   We're happy to share our Brisket Smokin' secrets; in the video we show you one of our own smokin' beauties and how to test for perfectly juicy, smoked brisket.  

Ovoka Heritage F-1 Wagyu BBQ Beef Box

  • We will offer limited delivery in the reasonable vicinity of Ovoka Farm on scheduled days/times through the end of the year (and beyond ...) 

    We would LOVE you to come visit us at Ovoka to pick up your box(es) and enjoy a walk around to see the cows and fall colors.  We will work with you to schedule a specific time and date at your convenience to avoid larger groups accumulating to be considerate of social distancing requirements.