Our limited Mangalitza-Berkshire cross pork is what pork is supposed to taste like.   These breeds are  famed around the world for their incredible taste; our fans agree that once you try Ovoka pork, you’ll never accept anything less.  Our pigs spend their entire lives on grassy pastures and in cool, shaded woods, foraging their food.  They are never crowded, never fed animal remains or waste products.  They always have plenty of grass, sunshine, water and, of course, mud to keep them happy and healthy.  No GMO feed or antibiotics either.  You may be surprised to know that real pork is a rich red color, almost indistinguishable from beef.  A favorite here at Ovoka, you will quickly discover that Ovoka Pork will always be welcome on your table. 


Our Sampler Box includes a 25# mix of 4 pork and/or loin chops, plus ribs, roasts, fresh ham, bacon, sausage, and ground pork. Limited availability.