A Limited Time Special for Ovoka's Friends and Family:  Enjoy an assortment of Ovoka's finest steak samplers (6pc), Pot Roast (Chuck or Shoulder or Bottom Round Roast 3-4#), Roast Beef Roast (Top Round, Sirloin Tip or Eye of Round Roast 3-4#), Ground Beef (5#)!  Approx. 21 pounds of cryovac sealed, USDA certified, all-natural Ovoka Heritage Wagyu Beef. 

Ovoka Heritage F-1 Wagyu Beef Sampler Box

  • Over 20 lbs.  

  • We will offer limited delivery in the reasonable vicinity of Ovoka Farm on scheduled days/times through the end of the year (and beyond ...)  

    Alternatively, we would LOVE you to come visit us at Ovoka.  You can pick up your Ovoka Heritage Wagyu and enjoy a walk around to see the cows and fall colors.  We will work with you to schedule a specific time and date at your convenience to avoid larger groups accumulating to be considerate of social distancing requirements.