Expect to receive over 500 pounds of Ovoka Beef with an assortment of over 100 Steaks, Roasts, Ribs, Grind, Offal, and other cuts, like Short Ribs or Stew Meat. Ovoka’s cattle are raised according to our strict program, focused on animal welfare and dignity.  Roaming freely over rich Virginia soil, our cattle have varied diets of multiple native grasses.  Our cattle are finished on a combination of grass and nutritionist-approved grains, all at the choice of the animal.  Abundant fresh water from deep aquifers beneath the farm is always available too.  Our finishing grains are always GMO-free, and, on the rare occasion one of our animals ever needs antibiotics, that animal is removed from our meat program.  Our cattle pastures feature hundreds of trees and many open-air shelters, allowing our herd to remain outside at all times, and never on concrete or unsanitary and inhumane feedlots.  This low-stress, low density environment, combined with abundant resources, directly leads to meat that is both high in healthy monounsaturated fats and oleic acid – and that means the meat you receive will be the best you’ve ever tasted.

Ovoka Heritage F-1 Wagyu (Whole)

1 Pound
  • Approximately 500 lbs.  Contents will vary slightly but you’ll always receive an exquisite assortment steaks, roast and ground beef.  Perfect for special dinners and family meals.  Expect to receive multiple steaks (including ribeye, New York strip, and filets), roasts, short ribs, ground beef and more!

  • We will offer limited delivery in the reasonable vicinity of Ovoka Farm on scheduled days/times through the end of the year (and beyond ...)    

    We would LOVE you to come visit us at Ovoka to pick up your order and enjoy a walk around to see the cows and fall colors.  We will work with you to schedule a specific time and date at your convenience to avoid larger groups accumulating to be considerate of social distancing requirements.