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The most meaningful experiences are often the simplest. For Ovoka, quality isn’t something to aspire to, but the natural outcome of being driven by passion. In a world where quality is a formulaic commodity to be bought and sold, we transcend the category and arrive somewhere that is inherently rare. Our daily work is to reach this transcendence through culinary journeys that come to life when shared and re-told at the dinner table.  We believe that every meal is an opportunity to connect with our friends, our family, our community.  There is virtue—especially in this frenetic world- in slowing down, to take the time to appreciate quality food and connections that enrich our lives and our community.  



Each year, we raise and harvest limited amounts of the finest, most flavorful heritage breed meats in the world. Sharing this bounty with friends, both old and new, who take the time to appreciate our passion fulfills us.

At Ovoka, we are driven by the idea that there is significance in what and how we choose to eat – that every meal is an opportunity to connect with our family, our friends and our community.

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Slow down and appreciate quality.