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The most meaningful experiences are often the simplest. Here at Ovoka Farm, our meat is just that: pure and simple. Our cattle graze on the lush grasses in Ovoka's expansive pastures and follow our 3-Phase, all-natural and non-GMO custom feed program formulated to maximize the health of each animal based on their age and size.  Our commitment to all-natural nutrition elevates our meat's quality. 

In alignment with our sustainable farming practices, we never rush our cattle to finish. After raising our animals from birth, we, of course, continue to give our Wagyu hands-on care and take our time during Phase 3, Finishing. The Wagyu breed, as compared to Angus, requires additional time and a lot of patience and care during its finishing phase to, ultimately, achieve the best marbling - which is why it tastes so delicious.


We recognize the value of time and each bovine is raised to its optimal prime. Time also influences our bi-weekly harvest schedule - we balance our harvest with our client's demand and we don't over-harvest. From our home to yours, Ovoka beef is the beginning of a new tradition at your dinner table. Every meal is an opportunity to connect, whether that is with friends, family, or your community. Take the time to value your connection and share meaningful conversations over Ovoka beef!



Each year, we raise and harvest limited amounts of the finest, most flavorful heritage breed meats in the world. Sharing this bounty with friends, both old and new, who take the time to appreciate our passion, fulfills us.

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Slow down and appreciate quality.

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