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We believe that the beef from Ovoka is as good as it gets. We personally raise and care for our animals to ensure the best and most humane life at Ovoka. Our animals have vast expanses in which to openly roam and feed on the variety of native Virginia grasses.  Deep running aquifers supply the land and our animals fresh water year-round. Our cattle are finished on all-natural and non-GMO grains, custom blended by industry-leading experts for our Wagyu's special dietary needs at their various stages of life and to maximize nutrition. 


On the rare occasion one of our animals needs antibiotics, that animal is removed from our meat program and receives the care it requires.  Our cattle pastures feature hundreds of trees and open-air shelters, allowing our herd to remain outside at all times, and never on concrete or unsanitary and inhumane feedlots.

We strive to provide a low-stress environment, abundant in resources that the animals need to live and grow naturally. We have found that the respect and care put into raising the animals the right way is good for the soul and also leads to the finest meats possible. Proper stewardship of our animals is a responsibility that we take seriously.

Image by José Ignacio Pompé


Our herd is a carefully balanced mix of the finest Japanese Wagyu and American Angus. We have struck a balance of traditional American expectations regarding cuts and sizes while maximizing the deep flavor and richness that Wagyu brings to the table.  This leads to an unrivaled eating experience that is far beyond the “Prime” cuts found in even the best restaurants. 

We also offer Full-Blood Wagyu for the ultimate special occasion. After you’ve experienced Ovoka beef, you’ll never be satisfied with anything less.

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