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We believe that the beef and pork from Ovoka is as good as it gets – anywhere.  Our animals, raised humanely, without antibiotics or GMO grains, have vast expanses in which to roam, feed freely, move and live.  We strive to provide a low-stress environment, abundant in resources the animals need to live and grown naturally.  We have found that the respect and care put into raising the animals the right way is both good for the soul and also leads to the finest meats possible.  Proper stewardship of our animals is a responsibility that we take seriously.

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Our herd is primarily a carefully balanced mix of the finest Japanese Wagyu and Registered American Angus.  We have struck of balance of traditional American expectations regarding cuts and size while maximizing the deep flavor, richness healthy fats that Wagyu brings, leading to an unrivaled eating experience that is far beyond the “Prime” cuts found in even the best restaurants.  We also, on occasion, have fullblood Wagyu and  Angus available!  After you’ve experienced Ovoka beef, you’ll never be satisfied with anything less.


Featuring the best of heritage breed pigs, such as Mangalitsa, Duroc and Berkshire, our pigs spend their entire lives roaming freely in verdant pastures and pastoral woods.  With a diet largely consisting of foraged food from the land, these animals produce a pork that recalls the true nature of pre-industrial farming, with a bold dark red color contrasting with the bright white of the creamy and healthy fat.  You’ll be surprised and delighted with our naturally tender and flavorful pork, whether in thick pork chops, exquisite tenderloin or the best bacon you’ll ever have. After just one bite of Ovoka Pork you may discover that you’ve never had real pork before.

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ground beef


Ground beef can be boring – but Ovoka ground beef is anything but that!  Whether making the best burgers you’ve ever had, or making meatballs that’ll become part of your family lore, the options are endless.  While every order from Ovoka will contain some of our finest ground meat, having enough on hand for a summer cook-out or just making sure that your freezer is always well-stocked is easy with an order of Ovoka Grind.

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