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The most meaningful experiences are often the simplest. Here at Ovoka Farm, our meat is just that: pure and simple. Our cattle graze on the lush grasses in Ovoka's expansive pastures and follow our 3-Phase, all-natural and non-GMO custom feed program formulated to maximum the health of each animal based on their age and size.  Our commitment to all-natural nutrition elevates our meat's quality. 

From our home to yours, Ovoka beef is the beginning of a new tradition at your dinner table. Every meal is an opportunity to connect, whether that is with friends, family, or your community. Take the time to value your connection and share meaningful conversations over Ovoka beef!

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​We are committed to sustainable farming, fighting local food insecurity, giving back to the community, and improving the quality of life while preserving natural resources for our future generations. 

We raise our Wagyu for you — whether Michelin-starred or in Michelle's Kitchen, we hope you make Ovoka a tradition at your dinner table.


As a sustainable farm, we are limited to the amount of meat we are able to harvest each week. Many of our cuts are reserved, so we are restricted to the number of steaks we are able to share within our community. 

For larger quantities of premium cuts, we offer 1/2 Cows & Whole Cows depending on availability.

Ovoka Farm Open House
Jun 11, 3:00 PM
Paris, VA


Our clients agree: the marbling, flavor, and tenderness of Ovoka's Heritage Wagyu is simply the best. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy and have access to farm-raised sustainable beef. 


Ovoka Spring Open House

Experience Virginia Agritourism at its finest — we are pleased to announce our Spring Open House. We will be offering Farm Tours, Gourmet Chef Dinners, The Weekend Farmer, and so much more! We look forward to sharing Ovoka Farm with friends, both old and new, who take the time to appreciate our passions.


Save the Date! May 6/XX.

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